Can my child sign up for sites, apps, contests or other online services that accept the PRIVO iD without my permission or being notified?

Depending on the online property’s activities/features and personal information collected, you may just receive a notice and the option to opt your child out of that property or you will be asked to opt-in and give or deny permission. Some sites, apps, games and online services, are not collecting any personal information from kids and do not need to get permission from a parent to allow that child to play. In this case, if your child signs up for an online property using his/her PRIVO iD, you will be able to see it in your Account and Settings.

The child’s PRIVO iD delivers to the service provider a basic bundle of non personal information at the time the child user authenticates to the online service. This allows the online service to deliver a more contextual experience base on age, gender and general jurisdiction (for instance a zip code or country code). The authenticated child PRIVO iD can be used to initiate a specific consent request while the child remains in “play now” mode with no PII being requested or collected.