How does the PRIVO iD work?

The process is simple: parents will have their identity verified once, and then through PRIVO services be able to provide or deny consent to their kids’ to COPPA compliant and MTF-approved online services.

A parent or educator can initiate registration and add minors to their account, or a minor can initiate registration and request their parents’ permission to engage in a way that requires parental involvement.

The first time a user visits PRIVO or a PRIVO iD enabled online property, he/she is directed through a service specific registration process powered by PRIVO.  Young users will be asked for limited information which may include a first name, birthday/age, role, username, password and display name. Here, if permission is needed, the young user provides parent/guardian contact information. The parent/guardian must register with PRIVO and agree to both PRIVO and the online property’s privacy practices, in addition to approving or denying specific features, including additional data attributes that the online property needs. If the young user has already been registered at another participating property, PRIVO can immediately contact the parent through their preferred method of communication to establish verifiable consent.

View our How it Works video: