I already have a PRIVO iD. How can I access other PRIVO iD enabled online properties?

If you already have a PRIVO iD, then you can check out PRIVO’s discovery platform to find other online properties that accept the PRIVO iD. If a child is signed in, they can ask for their parents permission inside the directory or go to the property directly and sign in with their PRIVO iD. A notification will be sent to the parent and if permission is needed, PRIVO will send a permission request to the parent/guardian. Notifications and permission requests at this time are sent via email and can be accessed in the PRIVO Message Center.

If a parent is signed in to PRIVO, they can go to the discovery platform and they can pre-approve and approve their child(ren) for any online property that accepts the PRIVO iD.

Also, look for the PRIVO seal and PRIVO iD sign-in button on apps, sites and games you may come across while surfing online.