Our current data privacy policy actually doesn’t allow us to migrate or hand over our database to anyone else. Is this okay?

I would like to have PRIVO take over our existing user base to manage authentication and to provide our users with a federated account that is capable of interoperating with other identity trust frameworks.

Yes. PRIVO’s initial responsibility will be to act as an identity service in a service provider role as determined by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Existing users will be able to continue to use existing credentials and PRIVO management of those credentials will be covered under a service provider contract between your company and PRIVO. Accordingly, PRIVO’s use of data is bound by your privacy policy. 

If an existing user chooses to activate new features and functionality that trigger COPPA and it’s need for parental consent, the user may be required or they may choose to upgrade their account for further authorization of its’ use at which time PRIVO may apply federation terms of service to the account holder credential. Any federated credential creation for existing or new users will be subject to the policies outlined by the Minors Trust Framework (MTF).