Most organizations allow social login options from several different providers. Is PRIVO flexible?

There are very few online properties, at present, that hand over their registration process to a single outside entity.

PRIVO can take over the full account management lifecycle or we can augment services to meet your needs. Most online properties do not have to deal with a regulated process for the collection, use and disclosure information obtained from their registrant users. The unique nature of handling data from minors and its requirement for delegating and obtaining consent from an appropriate adult simply makes registration directed to children difficult to execute.

Accordingly, a neutral and trusted third party that delivers efficiency and economies to the process of obtaining consent and smooth’s minor account creation is optimal. PRIVO’s discreet web services can be consumed independent or in conjunction with existing registration systems at the online service property level.

Although the PRIVO iD can be consumed by any registration service that can integrate OAuth2, SAML or Open ID Connect, it can also be consumed by the registration services for account creation by PRIVO. Account creation via PRIVO supports alternative social logins.