Why do I have to create a username and a display name?

When you create an account for the first time with an online service utilizing PRIVO iD, then you may or may not be required to create a username. Depending on the online service, your email may be used as the username. The service requirements will dictate this policy. When you create a username, it becomes your PRIVO iD. When you register on a second service utilizing the PRIVO iD Platform, then the PRIVO iD account becomes federated and the username you create on the second service will become a service specific display name and must adhere to the display name rules of the service. Your username will not be made public.

Minors are required to create a username at all times.Non-minors may not be required to create a username (it depends on the service requirements). If you do not create a username at the point of initial registration with an online property using the PRIVO iD Platform then your email address is your PRIVO iD username until such time that a username is added to the account. In either case, an adult can login with either a username or an email address.

Display names are names created to be used as an identifier on a service. In some cases, as approved through verification, a display name can and will be the same as the username. Display names can be used to login to the specific online service in which they were created for. YOU SHOULD NOT INCLUDE PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION WHEN CREATING A DISPLAY NAME. Display names are public facing.